The Scala Question, 2016.

If you’re researching on the question of which general-purpose programming language or platform should you use for your next web application and contemplating Java 8 and Scala; you might find this article useful or interesting. In 2011, Oracle released Java 7 and promised a 2-years release cycle, however many felt that; Java is not moving … More The Scala Question, 2016.

Simplifying the Microservices Architecture.

The Microservices architecture is one of the most used buzz words in the tech industry right now, however there is still some confusion surrounding what that is? 🙂 The Software Development world is constantly looking for ways to speed up the time to market and increase efficiency -produce more for less- and lower maintenance or … More Simplifying the Microservices Architecture.

API Management, Vendor Selection Process Best Practices.

The API Management vendors and products have recently evolved and grown and currently we have a large set of features and capabilities are offered by those multiple vendors. Also, those vendors can provide those features and capabilities using different approaches and techniques, which one to choose? Throughout the years, working with customers in that space, I find … More API Management, Vendor Selection Process Best Practices.

The API Management Question.

There is no doubt; the API Management product space has become very dynamic, with the anticipated big spending pipeline and the IPOs and acquisitions news we have seen in the last few years, you can read all about it in the analysts’ reports. Companies publish APIs for different reasons, for instance, B2B integration, mobile enablement, … More The API Management Question.

Modern Java Application Architecture, Useful Links.

(Compilation of the latest Java technologies and trends links) Java is one of the most trusted development platforms. According to Oracle it is the number one development platform, number one developer’s choice and according to a Gartner report it is used in 80% of the large Enterprise IT IS, running mission-critical systems. In recent years, … More Modern Java Application Architecture, Useful Links.