Why Akka if you have Kubernetes?

During our latest joint webinar with our partner Lightbend, we discussed building future-proof system architecture. This is the link to the webinar recording. We highlighted the importance of architecture flexibility and the role of Reactive Architecture and Cloud-Native architecture in supporting adaptability while achieving resilience and elasticity. We also highlighted the importance of loose coupling … More Why Akka if you have Kubernetes?

The New Norm

Few months ago, in the old world, before the pandemic hits, the retail industry experts were looking for ways to replace the overused expressions “digital transformation”, “digital advantage” and “customer experience” with other creative words. Why? Simply, because it sounded old, just a useless hype and many started to consider this as a merely crying … More The New Norm

The Modern Era Solution Architect

Software Architect, Application Architect, Solution Architect or all of the above? Introduction In the past few years, the information technology and the software development landscape dramatically changed. Advances in computer processors, networking and storage technologies, along with Cloud and mobile; led to the digital transformation evolution and the introduction of plethora of new business use … More The Modern Era Solution Architect

How Retailers and Service Providers can survive in the age of the digital economy?

Introduction Retailers (Service providers) fear what had happened to Blockbuster and Toys R’ Us may happen to them as well. We all have seen the headlines and the stats in the last couple of years about decreasing mall and physical store traffic and online stores significantly losing out to Amazon and Walmart. Amazon and Walmart … More How Retailers and Service Providers can survive in the age of the digital economy?

SMB, how to choose software development partner?

We live in a digital world and the small and medium business needs to survive and effectively compete in the digital economy. The SMB sector represents a wealth of innovative ideas with a variety of trade approaches and methods, but they each have their own unique differentiators. If your business is not creating and managing … More SMB, how to choose software development partner?