MicroSystems Vs. MicroServices

Microservices Anti-patterns Microservices architecture has been a dominant architecture style for the last few years, it fits well into the Cloud-native architecture and the agile methodology. The business units are constantly looking for creative ways to support the faster time to market demand; and the Microservices evolution is a big part of that. Lately, many … More MicroSystems Vs. MicroServices

The Modern Era Solution Architect

Software Architect, Application Architect, Solution Architect or all of the above? Introduction In the past few years, the information technology and the software development landscape has dramatically changed. Advances in computer processors, networking and storage technologies, along with Cloud and mobile led to the digital transformation evolution and the introduction of plethora of new business … More The Modern Era Solution Architect

Reactive Microservices Quick Reference

What is Reactive Microservices? Business Value Building Responsive, resilient, elastic, maintainable and extensible systems leads to gaining competitive advantage through faster time to market, improve modern user experience and lower the total cost of building and operating applications. Methods Event driven and message driven architecture Using Asynchronous messaging for inter-service communication and request processing Isolate … More Reactive Microservices Quick Reference

Play Framework 2.7.x APIs routing list

Play framework is not just used for web applications. It’s also used to build Microservices. The Akka http performance and the actor model are very well suited for building high performance systems utilizing Hexagonal and Reactive architecture techniques. While, it’s highly recommended to use a dedicated API documentation to document the services’ APIs, still, early … More Play Framework 2.7.x APIs routing list

Why is Kafka a good fit for Reactive Microservices?

Prerequisites For more info on Reactive design patterns such as CQRS, event sourcing, command sourcing and Saga please refer to the references section. Introduction Reactive architecture is an architecture approach aims to use asynchronous messaging or event driven architecture to build Responsive, Resilient and Elastic systems. Reactive Microservices is capitalizing on the Reactive approach while … More Why is Kafka a good fit for Reactive Microservices?

The business case for Reactive Architecture

Introduction While I was at API World giving a talk on Reactive Microservices Architecture, it was obvious that, Reactive is gaining a lot of momentum within our technical audience, described by many as a very powerful and game changer set of architecture concepts, design patterns and technologies. However, many business stakeholders still wondering, how this … More The business case for Reactive Architecture

How Retailers and Service Providers can survive in the age of the digital economy?

Introduction Retailers (Service providers) fear what had happened to Blockbuster and Toys R’ Us may happen to them as well. We all have seen the headlines and the stats in the last couple of years about decreasing mall and physical store traffic and online stores significantly losing out to Amazon and Walmart. Amazon and Walmart … More How Retailers and Service Providers can survive in the age of the digital economy?

The Reactive Summit 2017 Summary Report

The Reactive summit is usually focusing on Reactive Architecture and Programming and Fast Data architecture and technologies. This is the conference for someone looking into creating distributed and scalable systems. Lightbend is the host and the leader behind the event and they did an awesome job with the organization and the content. The following is … More The Reactive Summit 2017 Summary Report